Geoffrey and Linda- U.S.A

We want you to know how VERY happy and impressed we were with our Carquest experience. The gentleman who met us at Southampton when we arrived on the QM2 was efficient, kind, and helpful. He actually took the time to go through the mechanics of the vehicle so when the time came for us to need the windscreen wipers, etc., we knew where the switches were and how to operate everything. And wait – it was even better than that. When we were discussing the drop off at Heathrow, your driver offered us the chance to leave it at the carpark of our Heathrow hotel for your pickup.

The car did not give us any trouble, always a worry with a rental car, and was comfortable for both driver and passengers.

We couldn’t have had asked for a better experience – and we have rented many cars – and while in England told anyone who asked about our trip what a fine experience we had with your company. We now tell anyone we know who is travelling to the UK and will be renting a car to be in touch with you.

Kiss Hertz, etc. goodbye for us when we are next home in the UK – it will be your company exclusively from now on. Hopefully, that will be often!’