Environmental Policy

Carquest rentals Ltd is a local vehicle hire company. The responsibility for managing and maintaining the policy lies with the board of Carquest rentals Ltd. and the general implementation has been delegated to all directors.

Carquest rentals Ltd is an environmentally conscious and responsible company. To carry out this commitment, it is Carquest’s policy to strive to ensure that all aspects of the business have the least harmful effect on the environment by implementing and environmental management system to:

  • Be fully aware of all environmental legislation and ensure that regulatory requirements are met and, where feasible, improved upon.
  • Monitor the implementation of the policy by carrying out periodic audits of compliance and, where appropriate, introduce remedial measure.
  • Ensure all employees, in the course of their duties, act in accordance with the environmental policy.
  • Encourage Suppliers and Contractors to act in accordance with our environmental standards.

In addition, areas of particular attention within the business will be the selection of non-polluting technology, waste minimalisation, reuse/recycling and the reduction of energy consumption. Carquest rentals Ltd also makes a positive environmental contribution in the local community by encouraging open communication, general environmental awareness and the promotion of community projects.

Carquest rentals Ltd encourages a reduction in car ownership by providing easily available short term car hire.

Carquest rentals Ltd is working to improve its environmental impact by running hybrid and smaller engined, lower carbon vehicles alongside maintaining its current recycling systems.

Mark Kendall
Group Managing Director